couple-surfing-webOver the past four years Google search statistics indicate Real Estate searches have increased by 253% and 90% of home buyers searched online throughout the home buying process. Google and Compete Home Shopper Survey reported that home buyers rated the importance of the following criteria while looking for a home: 86% want to learn more about the community, 70% are seeking to tour the inside of the home, 54% want general information, 44% are comparing features from different builders and 25% are making decisions on which builder to purchase from.

INseARCH Digital Studio has the solution to grabbing the attention of the home buyer in our extensive list of interactive applications. Combining the interactive apps with our award winning Interactive Demonstration Application, or IDA, creates a user friendly, web based, immersive client experience. All of your marketing assets are in one location capturing the attention of the home buyer. Our IDA keeps the potential home buyer engaged with your plans as well as keeps the home buyer on your site for a longer period of time. Some of our key interactive applications that home buyers love to spend time with are our interactive Site Plans, Floor Plans, and Interior Material Options.

Our Apps are designed to be customizable specific to your needs. You can pick and choose which Apps best serve your sales needs, and we house your selections in our award winning Interactive Demonstration Application [IDA]. Explore our Apps and contact us for a demonstration and price quote on your solution to you grabbing and keeping the attention of the Digital House Hunters!